We are a group of doctors working together to find the best way to treat patients with keratoconus.
This group is made up of volunteer doctors around the world, with no financial interest and no sponsorship or comercial funding.
All physicians who are part of the group are also owners of this rich database.

The identity of the doctors who provided the data is hidden. The identity of the patients is hidden as well.

We understand that keratoconus is a rare disease with very varied characteristics. A homogenous and large sample is required to perform a scientific study. To achieve this, it is critical to unify the data collection efforts of various physicians.
This allows that different types of treatments for keratoconus can be compared. In this way, the best option can be found for a specific case.
Accelerating the achievement of solid scientific-based studies ... to be able to help as much as possible, the visual rehabilitation of patients with keratoconus around the world ...